Memories of past times, which Irena Dousková, the author of the novel and the dramatization, records with irony and naïveté, looking at Husák's norma­lization period through the eyes of an eight-year-old girl. This is a child's charming view, in which even the worst is not as bad as that and faith has not yet become an empty word. The oppressive atmosphere of the era is made less weighty but no less awkward. Do you remember? The Bratislava Lyre pop song contest, Spartakiad mass gymnastics displays, agricultural cooperatives, infant pioneers and cadre reports? The stage production will remind you of all the absurdity of the totalitarian system. The play lacks neither laughter nor tears, and your heart will be wrenched while you still have a smile on your lips.
…Helena is the focus of the play, so the entire weight of the production rests on the shoulders of actress Barbora Hrzánová. But she carries it as lightly as her school satchel. Whether she is in wellies, a bobble hat or a coat fastened all askew, she still looks like a Polish Jew. Her comedy is not limited to her dreadful appearance. she can also play childish guilelessness, naïveté and the wisdom that children instinctively use to „hit the nail on the head“ of a problem. She is not the infantile type often played by actors attempting to portray a child's mentality – she also displays irony and the detachment of an adult.
(Culture-contribution, And be Proud! Jana Dlouhá)

Helenka Součková played by Barbora Hrzánová is truly a lovable rascal. She has one especially bad quality – she differs from others in her unique view of the world. …
… What is Barbora Hrzánová actually like? Physically, Hrzánová gives her the appearance of an intellectual youngster. She can perfectly maintain the rapid rate of chatter, stop with a dramatic pause, stretch her voice in great surprise, highlight some secret in her life and rise to emotional weeping at the disappointments in life.
(Časopis-scé, Secrets from the life of an eight-year-old girl – Barbora Hrzánová the lovable „rascal“)